Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Happy Valentines Day! Cookie Orders

Valentine's Day Cookies Pre-Sale

Want some cookies? It's Valentine's Day soon and while I have terrible taste in men I do make great cookies. Then my sister said I should sell them. AND I MAKE THEM ANYWAY. You could also give cookies to a loved one- you or someone else.
So here's the deal. I made a cute little paypal button BUT it includes shipping cost. If you are local to Lehi Utah (and you know me or work with me) just send the money to my paypal email address claireandjanae@gmail.com. I need to pre-sell the cookies so I can buy all the ingredients so the sooner you get your order in the better.

Prices for stuffed cookies are $22 for a dozen. Those are ones with oreos or caramels or other beautiful things in them- they are the custom option.
The cookies are giant so you will be able to eat all your feelings. They can even be your valentine. They might be mine but hey- they've never disappointed me or said my kids are unruly. They've never been a douchebag. Cookies are honest and they love you. Or they are the perfect present because FOOD IS LOVE. I can make any of the ones listed on this site the most common ones are on the drop down.

I will ship cookie orders Priority Mail which has a couple days. overnight shipping costs a lot so if you want that it's 20 dollars more than normal shipping (holy shipping).

Scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN for the buy me button. Or if you know me which I think everyone who reads this does come talk to me.

Happy Valentine's Day!
xoxo Janae 

Types of Cookies
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